Empower Your Child with Our Anti-Bullying Program

The 6-week Anti-Bullying Program for Kids. Equip your child with verbal assertiveness and non-violent self-defense skills to tackle bullying confidently. Our program focuses on awareness, confidence, and responsibility. Join us in empowering your child to stand up against bullying and receive a Bullyproof Certificate upon completion. Enroll now for a brighter, bully-free future!

Did you know that 160,000 children miss school every day due to the fear of bullies? Bullying is a serious issue that affects the lives of countless young individuals. At [Your Fitness Center Name], we are committed to making a positive change by offering an innovative Anti-Bullying Program specially designed for kids.

The Bullying Epidemic:

  • In the US, 1 in 5 students aged 12-18 has experienced bullying during the school year.
  • An alarming 160,000 teens skip school because of bullying.
  • Verbal harassment accounts for 79% of bullying cases, followed by social harassment (50%), physical bullying (29%), and cyberbullying (25%).
  • Shockingly, 70% of school staff have witnessed bullying, with 41% observing it at least once a week.

Bullying can lead to severe consequences for children, including depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, lower academic achievement, and even dropping out of school. The prevalence of cyberbullying has also doubled from 2007-2019.

Our Anti-Bullying Program: Level 1

Duration: 6 Weeks (2 Sessions a Week)

The “Team KARAKI”, believes in equipping children with the skills they need to handle bullying confidently and responsibly. Our Level 1 Anti-Bullying Program focuses on non-violent self-defense techniques and verbal assertiveness to empower your child to stay safe and stand up against bullies without becoming one themselves.

What Your Child Will Learn:

  • Verbal Assertiveness: Your child will acquire the ability to use words effectively to defuse bullying situations and assert themselves when needed.
  • Non-Violent Self-Defense: We emphasize techniques that do not cause harm to others, ensuring your child is prepared to defend themselves if physically assaulted.
  • Harassment Awareness: Children will learn to differentiate between playful banter and harmful harassment, enabling them to respond appropriately in each situation.
  • Confidence Building: Confidence is key to deterring bullies. We’ll help your child develop self-assuredness to discourage potential harassers.
  • Responsibility: We instill discipline, responsibility, and respect in every class, teaching the importance of using their knowledge ethically.

Our classes are not just about learning; they are filled with fun and engaging activities that reinforce these essential skills. The verbal assertiveness techniques are integrated throughout the sessions.

Upon completion of the 6-week program, your child will receive a Bullyproof Certificate, signaling their readiness for the next level, where more effective techniques will be introduced.

Join Us in Empowering Your Child!

At “Team KARAKI”, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of young individuals. Our Anti-Bullying Program is a crucial step towards a safer and more confident future for your child.

Don’t wait any longer; enroll your child today and give them the tools they need to combat bullying. Together, we can create a brighter, bully-free future for our children.


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